108 destitute families in our project villages in India live in mud houses, which in earlier times, when the rain was not so heavy during the rainy season and the wind was not so strong, provided a useful shelter against the hot climate. Today, however, the storms are sometimes so strong that the huts are damaged and endanger the families inside. Again and again we have to accommodate families in emergency shelters during the rainy season, because their house has suffered greatly from the storm. Sometimes the walls or the roof collapse, so that the house is no longer habitable. The families then have to be housed in another location for the entire rainy season and then rebuild the hut. For the families, this is not only a lot of work, which would be feasible, but then they also incur costs that they cannot pay. So the families get into debt every year anew.

The project

For these families we build new dwellings, which withstand the rain and wind and offer security to the people inside. For the construction of the houses we hire day laborers from our project villages. Thus, they have a good salary for a few weeks and can provide for their families for a longer time.

Project goals

1. Safe dwelling for families

Destitute families living in mud huts receive a house that offers them security and protection from the storms.

2. Work for people from our project villages

We hire local villagers to build the houses. This way, they have an income with which they can provide for their families.